Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ESB Toolkit 2.0 Multi-Server Installation Part 2 - BizTalk, SSO, and BAM

This is my second installation for installing the Microsoft ESB Toolkit. This blog outlines the steps for clustering Biztalk, clustering SSO and installing BAM in a multi-server environment. Sorry for the images .. it was the quickest way for me to get a word document to the web. This article assumes that you have already configured SAN storage and that LUN's are presented. Also, this blog doesn't outline the steps for clustering Windows 2008 Server .. this information can be found here. And, we decided that we would not load balance the BAM Portal. The Portal is only available from one BizTalk node.

Physical View

The following view diagram outlines how BizTalk and ESB Toolkit fits into our platform. It includes an Application Tier, Services Farm, and MSMQ Cluster that aren't mentioned in the BizTalk build information below, but I though it might provide some insight into how the servers work together in our enterprise.

The following is the path that we took to build BizTalk, SSO, and BAM.

* Note: In the following screen shot .. under the Application Development Section ASP.Net, ISAPI Extensions, and ISAPI filters are not selected but should be.

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