Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am proud to have an article in Microsoft's latest BizTalk Hotrod publication

My article for using a WCF Runtime Proxy was published in the latest edition (Q1 2010) of BizTalk Hotrod.

Here is the link: The article that I wrote starts on page 47.

In case you haven't ran across it before, here is the summary for the publication from the website.

"BizTalk Hotrod is developed and maintained as a community effort supported by Microsoft Technology Specialist Rajinder Singh and Virtual TS's Andy Morrison and Brent Anderson. The content presented here is developed by Consultants, Customers and Microsoft to help spread the BizTalk word! will pickup where the BizTalk Hotrod magazine leaves off. We will be leveraging some of the best BizTalk talent in the field to pull together a real world knowledge base, master BizTalk resource catalog as well as commentary by you. We will also be hosting monthly web casts on topics not normally addressed by the BizTalk Product Group."

Give the site a visit, there are many back issues filled with great gems about BizTalk Development by some of the best people currently working in the field.

I am honored to be included in this issue and thanks to Rajinder Singh from Microsoft for extending me the invitation to contribute.

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