Monday, March 15, 2010

Why I like being a BizTalk Architect/Developer

So why is BizTalk so much fun? Well, on an average day a BizTalk Architect/Developer gets to play in some of the following.
  • Database Design and performance tuning
  • Web servers and Load Balancing strategies
  • Core operating system features such as Windows Clustering
  • Line-of-business systems (CRM, ERP .. etc..)
  • Communication channels and protocols
  • File formats and data transformation
  • XML, XSD
  • Advanced design patterns.
  • Storage Solutions and recommendations
  • Business Process design and orchestration
  • Secure Messaging
  • Systems and Application Integration
  • Network and Infrastructure design and configuration
These are things that a front-end web developer, SharePoint developer or DBA may never have or need exposure to. So, a good BizTalk Developer has to dig in deep and be able to wear many hats in a lot of specific areas.

In my opinion a good BizTalk developer needs to be equally effective in both Software and Infrastructure disciplines which means that you need lots of good tools in the toolkit and it provides a lot of nice toys for your toybox :-)

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