Thursday, March 11, 2010

SOA 2.0

Finally it seems like the ideas for creating Service Oriented Architectures and Event Driven Architectures are centering around a common theme. SOA 2.0 appears to be the marriage between the two.

I don't know about you but as a BizTalk Architect/Developer, I have been thinking in the "SOA 2.0" style for a while.  The introduction of the Microsoft ESB ToolKit 2.0 opened up BizTalk 2009 as a real contender for a very usable Enterprise Service Bus implementation.

BizTalk has always been event based due to its Publish/Subscribe pattern for processing messages. So, its not a far step for any BizTalker or developer with EAI Hub and Spoke Architecture development experience to understand how this fits in with the Event Driven Architecture model.

I think that SOA 2.0 appears to be a very logical step and a very complimentary joining of what used to be considered two differing approaches in Software Architecture.

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